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[10 May 2006|03:40pm]

I know a few people (mostly goths or nercophiles.. although not exclusivly) who have fascinations with graveyards. They're "spooky". They're "beautiful" they're "peaceful". whatever.
I agree, they can be all of the above (well, not so much spooky to me, once you've been to hundreds of graveyards they become less spooky)

But I have a growing fascination with abandon houses. It all started when a friend of mine showed me one just outside of out town. Well, I showed a few of my friends the same house and we decided to go look around. To me, it was creepier then any graveyard. Especially with pots on the stove, clothes on the closets and childrens books scattered about in a couple rooms. We also called it "the Murder House."

Well, travelling the back roads around where I live I've found at least 3 more I want to check out. There's one that's WAAAYYY out in the middle of nowhere on a dirt road that can barely even be called that. The driveway is long and roped off, so when I drove by I could only take a look at the place from a distance. (yes, I know they can be dangerous, don't worry, we're careful when poking around)

Anywhos, would you guys be creeped out of abandoned houses? What spooks you out? Anything you'd like to add?
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[01 Sep 2005|09:46am]

I've asked around for suggestions for places for Project:Spooky.
Here's some answers:

-A man by the name of Richard Crowe offers tours in Chicago of some of the most haunted places. I don't have any further information on this. Other than by word of mouth, and my own interest in the paranormal/occult earlier in my life.

-Head to New Orleans, the most haunted city in the US. My husband and I did an "occult tour" of the city for our honeymoon (and partied on Bourbon Street). I could give you some tips on which things are "fluff" and which things are better bets.

-COME TO FALL RIVER, MA :D You, your boyfriend, and I can have a big fucking orgy in Lizzie Borden's house! It's super haunted

-I don't know of any spooky legends, but there are some abandoned houses in the town where I live that are pretty scary at night. XP
Although they're just a bunch of run down houses. *shrug*

- Colorado - Colorado Springs - Gold Camp Road... apparently they find bodies there all the time
Colorado - Greeley- Go to the cemetary... babyland is for sure the creepiest place ive been
Colorado - Denver - Cheeseman Park - Used to be a cemetary. They moved headstones and mass buried bodies. Look up for further research (or go look at my gallery for an example)
Colorado - Denver - Moll Brown house. Titanic anyone? ALSO supposedly haunted.

There is supposed to be a creepy-spooky-scary highway in the eastern side of the U.S. especially at night. many many stories about that place. It's called Route 66
till then
rock on!

Back home in Cleveland, Tennessee, we had a marble mauseleum that housed the body of a young girl who was killed by a train. After her body was entombed, bloodstains appeared on the outside of the mauseleum. Cleaning and grinding the marble would remove the stains, but it would always reappear the next day. That's the only local legend I know of. I lived in Charleston, South Carolina for a while, and both that city and Savannah, Georgia (not far away) are absolutely loaded with ghost legends. I would highly recommend checking them out if you are headed that way.
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[31 Aug 2005|05:43pm]

Once I start at Wal-Mart, Imma start saving up for Project Spooky.
If I have time over the next few days, I'm also gunan hunt down that sheet Frank and I started and get a lil' more info up here.
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[09 Aug 2005|10:07am]

Beth left this comment on my LJ. Mac Daddy, have you heard of this place? It's out by your way isn't it?

Anywhos, Beth wrote:

"I heard of this place near the road to Grandvalley that once was a crazy mans pig farm. His house and garage and pig house were made of garbage, scrap metal and other miscilanious things all cemented together, he had huge dumpsters he filled with his shit and the pigs and had a fire pit with pig embreo and dead adult pig skeletons...I guess the ones that died he burned. so anyhoo he would shoot at people with a shot gun who trespassed. so the story continues some people bought the property next to the crazy pig farmer and began to smell the pig shit and the farmer's shit seep into their home, so the neighbour asked politly if he could move the dumpster away from their side of the house, but the farmer threatened to shot him if ever he trespasses ( or at least something like that) so make a long story short the neighbour kept getting pissed and the farmer kept threatening and the neighbour trespassed and the pig farmer shot the neighbour and that is that. what happened after that I don't know, but what I do know is that the farm is still there and that it is creeepy looking. the end"
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[07 Aug 2005|11:30pm]

Know any spooky places? tell us!
Where it is? What is is? What makes it spooky? Any history?
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[06 Aug 2005|10:55pm]
[ mood | mischievous ]


How about we venture out to that place near Primrose to kick off project spooky? I also know a couple abandoned places around here- one place where a guy once shot and killed his neighbour, it's a cement house/bunker thats kinda kooky.

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